Boutique European Flair, Organic inspiration

Meet our Swedish creative director and floral designer Elin Westerlund

Elin grew up in Sweden, her senses constantly stimulated and inspired by her country’s uncompromising love for the astonishing beauty of nature.

Her inherent Scandinavian sense of style and design enriched the transformative creative journey she took in the years of training and working as a floral designer, floral design teacher and artist, a process which eventually led her to move to London. She became head florist for the sumptuous Rosewood Hotel London, taking ownership for interpreting the hotel’s ethos of authentic luxury experiences through glorious displays of her magnificent skilled floral craftsmanship.

Now in Singapore as the founder and creative director of her own studio, Elin W Design, Elin is delighted to share her inspirations in the fascinating colours, forms and textures of sustainable flora and leafage to curate captivating bespoke experiences in lush floral visual identity for her clients.